How it works

  1. By buying the education product as mentioned above the client automatically becomes a member of our TravelmarQ Loyalty Reward Programme, and gains immediate access to our education material and preferred rates with our strategic partners.
  2. By introducing a new client to buy our education product and becoming a member for the use of our strategic partners' facilities, the introducing client is rewarded with accumulative points.
  3. The accumulated points can be converted into a commission payable in terms of our commission-earning model.
  4. The accumulated points can be converted and exchanged to Cash Value.
  5. TravelmarQ allows the member to accumulate points at different layers of your introduced sales. This means that you do not lose the value of the effort made by the sales directly introduced by you. The weight allocation of the points varies depending on how close the sale is to you.

Earning points

  1. Points are rewarded to a member when he/she introduces a new member to our product. The newly introduced member must have purchased our product to become an active member.
  2. The points are allocated at different levels, with more points allocated to the member who is directly linked to you.
  3. Points accumulation per level is shown in the table below:

Level Points
1 303
2 211.6
3 181.8
4 151
5 101
6 29.8
7 20.2
8 9.6


Points Conversion

Conversion Stage Number of Points Monetary Value
Silver Conversion 8000 ZAR8, 000.00
Diamond Conversion 34500 ZAR34, 500.00
Platinum Conversion 150000 ZAR150, 000.00
Emerald Conversion 345000 ZAR345, 000.00
  1. The points of the "current" conversion Stage DO NOT include the points of the previous Conversion Stage(s).
  2. Example, the 34500 points of the "Diamond Conversion" stage DO NOT include the 8000 points of the "Silver Conversion" stage.
  3. After receiving the "Emerald Conversion" a member will be paid for every 10000 points accumulated